Log Book Service

Comprehensive Logbook Service In Brookvale

If you’re concerned about preserving your manufacturer’s warranty, but also want to obtain expert service at competitive rates, then Look no further than All Car Express. We are located in Brookvale and pride ourselves on delivering top-notch logbook services that keep your vehicle running at its best. 

Regular logbook service will help you identify potential issues early, promoting longevity and reliability while adhering to manufacturer specifications.

Keep Your New Car Warranty

New Car Franchise Dealers cannot maintain a monopoly on “Log Book” Service. Nor can they suggest that new car warranty is void if service is carried out by All Car Express.

If you’re after a reliable log book service that protects your new car warranty, then here’s a few reasons why you can trust All Car Express.

Quality Parts

Quality products are fitted with confidence that meet Australian standards. They are covered by a manufacturer warranty so that your new vehicle warranty is protected.

Highly-Qualified Technicians

Fully qualified and highly experienced motor vehicle technicians for oil filter change, vehicle servicing and repair industry.

Our Log Book Service Near Brookvale includes:

The All Car Express Log Book service is paramount to maintaining the health of your vehicle. Bookings are Essential!

You Get

Save money on Dealership prices

Quality & approved parts & fluids

Log book stamped & validated

Service lights reset

New car warranty protected

We Replace

Expert replacement of oil filter and engine oil Environmentally-friendly disposal of used oil and oil filter

Only approved parts used

Check & Inspect

Air filter

Brakes / hand brake

Serpentine belts

Exhaust system

Wiper blades

Exterior lights


Drive train / gearbox

Exterior lights

Tyre pressures

Fluid Levels Topped Up

Transmission/transaxle fluid

Differential fluid

Power steering fluid

Windshield washer fluid

Battery water (excluding sealed batteries)

For unparalleled logbook servicing near Brookvale, reach out to All Car Express at (02) 9905 0366 or email us at info@allcarexpress.com