Car Battery Replacement

Car Battery Replacement

Your car battery should generally be replaced every 3 or 4 years depending on usage and the climate that you regularly drive in. As your battery starts to die, you may notice that your car becomes hard to start.

If left too long before replacement, your battery may not be able to start your car and you may become stranded.

If you are experiencing trouble starting your car and suspect your car battery may need replacing, contact the team at All Car Express to have your battery tested and/or replaced.

When should you buy a new car battery?

If you are experiencing any of the following when trying to start your car, you may need to purchase a new car battery:

  • Your car struggles when starting, but still starts
  • Your car cranks, but won’t start
  • Your car won’t crank at all. Dashboard lights may not light up
  • Your battery has heavy corrosion on the terminals
  • Your battery is damaged, leaking, or swollen

Always have your car battery tested before buying a new car battery

A flat car battery does not always mean you need to buy a new car battery. There are many reasons why your battery may be flat that don’t necessarily indicate that there is an issue with the battery itself.

Issues such as a faulty alternator or an issue causing parasitic draw (slow draining of the battery even when the car is turned off) may be the cause of your flat car battery and not the battery itself.

This makes it very important that you have your car battery tested by a professional to ensure you don’t waste your money buying a new battery when it isn’t necessary to do so.

Book in a car battery test at All Car Express

Booking in to have your car battery tested by our qualified mechanics is easy. Simply give us a call or make an enquiry through our website to book in a convenient time to have your battery looked at.

Our mechanics will let you know what the issue is and will provide a formal quote to have you back on the road in no time at all.