Euro Log Book Service

Euro Log Book Service

European cars are like no others, with the advancement of Technology European vehicles have become very specialised with their equipment, such as electric hand brakes, special service functions, diagnostics and adaption’s.

At All Car Express you are in safe hands, we have the knowledge and equipment to service and diagnose your European car.

The All Car Express Euro Log Book Service is paramount to maintaining the health of your vehicle, the engine oil is the life blood of your car and service intervals are getting longer, that’s why at All Car Express we only use the oil specially formulated for your motor vehicle.

Digital Car Service

At All Car Express we are now registered with most manufacturers that are currently using digital service records. This means we can now access your Digital Service History records (DSR), service your vehicle and log the service date, kilometres and make notes.

This also helps if your vehicle is under manufactures warranty, should you need a repair the service history can be checked quickly and easily without having the hassle of explaining why your vehicle was serviced outside the dealer network and the service wasn’t recorded on the digital service record.

Should you decide to sell your car privately you will need a full print out of the service history of your vehicle. We can provide you with this digital online service History (OSH)so that the prospective buyer can be sure that the vehicle has been well maintained throughout its life. Manufactures currently using Digital service records.

  • Audi (DSS) Digital Service Schedule
  • BMW (DSR) Digital Service Records
  • Jaguar (OSH) On-Line Service History
  • Land Rover (OSH) On-Line Service History
  • Range Rover (OSH) On-Line Service History
  • Skoda (DSS) Digital Service Schedule

Our European Vehicle Log Book Service includes

The All Car Express Log Book service is paramount to maintaining the health of your vehicle.

Bookings are Essential!

You Get

Save money on Dealership prices

Quality & approved parts & fluids

Log book stamped & validated

Service lights reset

New car warranty protected

We Replace

Expert replacement of oil filter and engine oil Environmentally-friendly disposal of used oil and oil filter

Only approved parts used

Check & Inspect

Air filter

Brakes / hand brake

Serpentine belts

Exhaust system

Wiper blades

Exterior lights


Drive train / gearbox

Exterior lights

Tyre pressures

Fluid Levels Topped Up

Transmission/transaxle fluid

Differential fluid

Power steering fluid

Windshield washer fluid

Battery water (excluding sealed batteries)

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