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Brake Service and Repairs

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Brakes from $195 (inc parts and labour)

Protect yourself and your passengers with high quality disk pads, rotors, drums and shoes. Trust All Car Express to always bring you to a safe stop.

Come into All Car Express for a brake system inspection. One of our technicians will inspect your entire brake system then we will tell you what, if anything, is needed.

Price may vary depending on vehicle.

Inspection Includes:

  • Inspection of Pads/Shoes
  • Check Hydraulic Fluids
  • Inspection of Rotors/Drums for Wear
  • Inspection of brake Calipers
  • Peace of mind

Brake pads/shoes replacement

  • Replacement of Pads/Shoes
  • Check Hydraulic Fluids
  • Machine disc rotors if required*
  • Machine rear drums if required*
  • Inspection of rear brake cylinder
  • Inspection of brake hoses
  • Hand brake adjustment
  • 100% workmanship guarantee

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