New Tyres from $69

Taking tyres for granted and neglecting to check or care for them is a major cause of road accidents.

We can arrange the following:

  • Tyres
  • Puncture repairs
  • Wheel alignments
  • Tyre rotations

We can arrange the below tyres or many other brands!

Altenzo Tyres

High Performance Tyres

Altenzo Tyres are a new player in the tyre game, launching their flagship tyre in 2011. With stunning designs and excellent performance, you can trust Altenzo Tyres on your vehicle. Engineered in Australia, these tyres are of the highest quality. Altenzo Tyres specialise in High Performance specification tyres at affordable prices, with no compromise on performance or style. The tread patterns across their range are unique and offer excellent performance in all conditions.


Control, Performance

BFGoodrich tyres know what it takes to meet the expectations of demanding drivers who are looking for control, performance and fun driving. But that's no real surprise when it comes to America's first rubber company. its innovative approach that has made BFGoodrich a legend in the tyre industry, produces a line up of products that match, keeping its legendary status alive and well on the road as well as the track.


Wet and Dry

Established in Japan in 1930, Bridgestone has blazed an innovative path in the production of great tyres by questioning the conventional wisdom of tyre design and finding new ways to resolve old issues.

The company's vast R&D network enables Bridgestone to devise those solutions locally in the world's largest markets.


European Vehicles

Continental is one of the world's leading tyre manufacturers and has been in business for over 140 years.

Continental tyres are fitted as original equipment on numerous European vehicles and have a reputation for quality and performance

Falken Tyres

High Performance Tyres.

Falken knows how to get the most out of a tyre. Sophisticated tread designs, coupled with precise handling, underlines Falken's commitment to delivering speed, stability and safety in both dry and wet conditions.

Now you can choose from a number of tyres to suit many vehicles and driving requirements, which are designed for enhanced driving performance whilst maintaining optimum fuel efficiency.


Touring or Commercial

Firestone tyres made their first official racing appearance in the 1909 Indianapolis 300.

Seeing the huge potential for automobile tyres, today the factory makes around a million new tyres a year with a massive range.

So whether you're looking for performance, touring, commercial or even motorsport tyres, Firestone will have the right tyre for you.

Michelin Tyres

Smooth, quiet ride

Michelin is the world's largest tyre manufacturer. Engineered for outstanding durability, Michelin tyres have earned a reputation for resilience and long life, making for an iconic brand that stands for exceptional safety and comfort. Today Michelin continues the relentless journey to improve the driving experience for motorists, delivering the classic Michelin smooth, quiet ride for all types of vehicles and applications.

Pirelli Tyres

Performance Range

As one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers, Pirelli combines racing heritage and off-road credibility to proudly stand at the premium end of the market.

Within this market, Pirelli focuses in particular on the high-end segments characterised by elevated technological contents and high performance

Yokohama Tyres

Car Performance

Synonymous with superb sports car performance and the highest levels of comfort,

 Yokohama draws heavily on its involvement in motorsport and applies it to the design and manufacture of each of their tyres, designed specifically to meet the requirements of all motorists with superior performance and handling


Radar Tyres

Radar is a fast growing global brand, with a strong and expanding product portfolio, which is currently represented in over 80 countries.

Radar offers a full PCR range with High Load Index applicable for Australian Requirements and modern, exclusive and patented tread patterns and designs.

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